LitePod SAD Light Box

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Rise and Shine with a Spring in Your Step with the LitePod SAD Light Box

Come rain or shine, we need a certain amount of sunlight exposure daily to keep our body producing healthy levels of serotonin. This 'happy chemical' is responsible for keeping us alert, boosting our mood and enhancing concentration, and our body produces it in abundance when exposed to sunshine. This is why you may have noticed feeling lower in the winter months vs summer, or feeling less enthused if you spend a lot of time indoors; if this sounds like you, you need a light box to give you a boost!

SADLAMPs For sufferers of SAD, the darker months can have a terrible effect on their mood. Feelings of depression and fatigue creep into everyday life, leaving sufferers feeling low, unproductive and constantly exhausted. SAD is a recognised condition, and light therapy is a medically recognised treatment.

The symptoms of SAD include;

  • Depression, feelings of gloom and despondency for no apparent reason
  • Lethargy, lack of energy
  • Social withdrawal and irritability
  • Sleep issues such as finding it hard to stay awake during the day and disturbed sleep
  • Loss of libido
  • Craving starchy and sweet foods resulting in weight gain

As the days grow shorter and the light becomes less intense, it increases the desire to 'hibernate'. Problem is, we can’t hibernate (however much you wish you could!), but you can tackle these feelings and issues. A powerful light box such as the LitePod SAD Light Box is the perfect solution. At a distance of around 30cm the LitePod gives around 10,000 lux of light which is enough to give your mood and energy levels a boost with as little as an hour’s usage every day. Using Light therapy is the perfect, natural solution to a lack of energy, instead of relying on caffeine to perk you up which can have negative effects on your health. The LitePod SAD Lightbox is lightweight and portable which means even if you don’t have time to use it when you first wake up, you can take it to work and use it whilst sitting at your desk.


Power: 220 - 240v 50Hz 48W

Colour: Blue

Size: 38 x 12.5 x 12.5 cm

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