Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support

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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support

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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support - Small (56 - 71cm (22 - 28")
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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support - Medium (68 - 84cm (27 - 33")
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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support - Large (81 - 96cm (32 - 38")
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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support - Ex Large (94 - 109cm (37 - 43")
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Bodymedics Deep Breath Lumbar Support - XX Large (107 - 122cm (42 - 48")
£40.79 £33.99

Please note: Some sizes overlap, we advise getting the larger size. 

Lower back pain is extremely common, and whether due to injury, sciatica or osteoporosis, it can usually be significantly reduced with the right support. The Deep Breathable Brace for Lumbar Support is an excellent and comfortable option, providing compression and support to stabilise the spine, reduce lower back pain and improve posture.

Will This Support Reduce Back Pain?

Yes, this support is excellent for reducing back pain, particularly in the lower back. Back pain is most often caused by a build-up of pressure on the spine, and since this back brace can provide support and stabilisation with targeted compression, pressure will be offloaded to reduce pain.

How Do I Size the Deep Breathable Lower Back Support?

The Deep Breathable Lumbar Support is available in five different sizes. The front of the lumbar support measures 18cm, and a choice of circumferences are available to ensure the most comfortable fit. Please consult the table below and select the appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu above. 

Who Can Use this Lower Back Support?

This support is highly versatile, and can provide relief and support to almost anyone suffering from lower back pain. It's particularly suited to those suffering from the following: Muscular injury to the lower back Sciatica Osteoporosis Prolapsed intervertebral disc Sacro-lumbar pain

Is This Support Comfortable?

The Deep Breathable Lumbar Support is designed to be as comfortable as possible, and is made with high-quality ventilated elastic to allow maximum airflow. This enables the lumbar area to breathe, allowing support to be provided without discomfort, particularly in warm weather.

How Much Support will This Brace Provide?

With flexible stays and rear elasticated fulcrums, this back brace is capable of providing a significant amount of lower back support. When fastened tightly, the brace will provide powerful spine stabilisation, and can help to prevent the twisting motions that often cause or exacerbate back injuries and sacro-lumbar pain.

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